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1. I have been swamped under several -nesses: sleepiness, busy-ness, laziness, rainyness, and thus have neither pictures nor words for about a week now. I’m going to try to make more pictures and words in the future, though. 2. I’ve been taking advantage of my college education by going to intellectual-sounding events over the past […]

1. picture: I went to the UNTITLED show at Art Authority with Kelsey on Friday night and bought this because I couldn’t stop looking at it. the title is “scenes from the holy writ of genesis #4.” Felt like some sort of socialite, buying art and going to the theater (saw Durang Durang last night). […]

hellish week


1. this is the busiest I’ve been all semester and it’s my own fault. I already know what will happen: I will resolve never to do this again, I will do my work on time for a few days, something fun will come up, I will ignore my work, I will have another hellish week. […]

1. since one purpose of this whole thing was to get me to take a picture a day, and today found me at the Capitol camera-less for the hearing on HR 861, I don’t have any photos of that exciting event and have to put up a lame one instead. I went with Paul to […]

1. a really neat exhibit in a little gallery at the Goldsmith Building, Arthur Ganson: Machines. I found it the first time by accident and it looked magical. A room full of beautiful little machines. I think it’s up until the beginning of May. 2. this anti-gay marriage ad, if you haven’t already. If anybody […]

1. spent most of the day yesterday with Paul at Sam’s friend’s apartment cooking an enormous Seder dinner: simmis, haroset, matzo ball soup, potato kugel, whitefish, chicken-in-a-bag, buckets of Manischewitz. This was not made easier by the fact that the power shut off every time we turned on the stove and the oven at the […]

Strange Towns


The above photo is one I took when I was fourteen in Paris, and I still think it’s one of the best I’ve ever taken. I don’t know if that reflects well or badly. From now on it’s going to be a picture from each day, but I wanted to start out on a good […]