first secular easter


1. spent most of the day yesterday with Paul at Sam’s friend’s apartment cooking an enormous Seder dinner: simmis, haroset, matzo ball soup, potato kugel, whitefish, chicken-in-a-bag, buckets of Manischewitz. This was not made easier by the fact that the power shut off every time we turned on the stove and the oven at the same time, which happened. However, in the end, the wine (awful) plus the fact that everybody, myself included, was wearing a ceremonial yarmulke and chanting in Hebrew made the night a fair-to-middling success. The photo above is the result of all our efforts.

2. couldn’t sleep due to at least three disparate dreams about not doing my Arabic homework. Whenever I have what might be called nightmares, they involve something totally unimportant and a terrible time crunch and me tossing and turning all night.

3. read Prep by Curtis Sittenfield today for Coming of Age in America, a YA novel about boarding school written with a narrator so intensely awkward it is actually painful to read. This is my second time through the book, and it took a second reading to be able to recognize the good writing in the book, the odd insightful moments that could only be revealed through such painful character development:

“I have always found the times when another person recognizes you to be strangely sad; I suspect the pathos of these moments is their rareness, the way they contrast with most daily encounters. That reminder that it can be different, that you need not go through your life unknown but that you probably still will — that is the part that’s almost unbearable.”

4. last Easter I still believed in God, I think. I definitely went to church with my family. I am always surprised at how much I change, thinking back to the year before. I wonder if and when I’ll be the same person year after year. I wonder if anyone is.

5. since the weather is gorgeous and I like to bake pretty things, I want to make this for a spring picnic and soon:
EDIT// 6. currently experimenting with various cheesy wordpress themes. Bear with me.


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