everyone should see…

machine with cat and chair

machine with cat and chair

1. a really neat exhibit in a little gallery at the Goldsmith Building, Arthur Ganson: Machines. I found it the first time by accident and it looked magical. A room full of beautiful little machines. I think it’s up until the beginning of May.

2. this anti-gay marriage ad, if you haven’t already. If anybody can tie the claims made in this video to some sort of logic, please let me know. It’s being aired 8 times a day in California now in anticipation of the Court’s verdict on Prop 8.

3. speaking of which, a group of people are going down to the Capitol from 2 to 5 p.m. today to testify for the University of Texas to offer domestic partner benefits by signing that they support the bill. The room is: Texas State Capitol, House Insurance Committee, Room E2.026. Drop by if you have time and want to make a little difference.

4. Pitchfork this summer is looking better and better with the Flaming Lips added to the headliners… Does anybody want to take a long rambling road trip to Chicago with me to go see it? Only $75 and probably WAY cooler than ACL will be.

machine with oil

machine with oil


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