Photo a day fail


1. since one purpose of this whole thing was to get me to take a picture a day, and today found me at the Capitol camera-less for the hearing on HR 861, I don’t have any photos of that exciting event and have to put up a lame one instead. I went with Paul to the hearing after class and after the big group and signed our names on some witness slips in favor and hung out for a while to watch the testimony, which turned out to be really interesting. They took the issue from a totally economic standpoint, saying that the lack of domestic partner benefits drives away faculty talent after a lot of money is spent on recruitment, &c. I definitely am going to keep track of what’s coming up in Capitol hearings so I can go and actually stay through one to see the legal process. Neat.

2. so, um, without further ado, today’s photo after a frantic photo safari within my room:

supercool poster I found in my room, taken from Spiderhouse months ago

supercool poster I found in my room, taken from Spiderhouse months ago

3. since the other purpose of this blog is to remind me to write down my dreams, I had a dream last night involving Frankie, Aziz Ansari, and the housing crisis. So, no, that’s not one I’m going to share.


4 Responses to “Photo a day fail”

  1. 1 frankie

    i’m flattered you dream about me. [blush]

    • 2 Lindsey Smith

      I will tell you this much: we had to live in giant plastic bowls in the ocean because we couldn’t pay our mortgage.

  2. 3 dylan

    sorry, this is probably really really weird, but- i’ve met the guy that designed that poster. very nice guy, likes cargo shorts.

    also, hi lindsey.

    • 4 strangetowns

      i also like cargo shorts. perhaps we can meet some day.

      also, hi dylan.

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