bird’s nest underwear


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cain and abel or something

cain and abel or something

I went to the UNTITLED show at Art Authority with Kelsey on Friday night and bought this because I couldn’t stop looking at it. the title is “scenes from the holy writ of genesis #4.” Felt like some sort of socialite, buying art and going to the theater (saw Durang Durang last night).

2. finished reading Sense and Sensibility and was reminded of how enjoyable Austen’s books are. I had a reading group for Core Texts & Ideas and it was interesting to take the book from a philosophical angle, thinking about the perversion of love in modern society and whether staying in a relationship if you don’t still “feel” as strongly is being untrue to yourself or is just knowing yourself in a deeper way. Also: I wish people still spoke like that.

3. Old Crow Medicine Show is coming to Stubbs on May 9. Got my ticket yesterday. Anyone else going?

4. Turns out the Middle East has a kinky lingerie capital after all, if anyone was wondering. Don’t miss the feathery underwear shaped like a bird’s nest, complete with tiny sparrow, in the photo gallery, or the slip held up by magnets that falls off when you clap. Strange to think that in such a conservative region it’s acceptable to sell maid outfits and leather whips in public, so long as they’re for married couples…

5. I’m sure everyone has seen the Susan Boyle clip of “I Dreamed  A Dream” from Britain’s Got Talent, but as a dedicated Les Miz hater, I enjoyed this recording of the blues standard “Cry Me A River” much more.


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  1. 1 Aamir

    As for the Middle East being conservative, it depends on where you are. Saudi Arabia and Iraq are very different from UAE and Bahrain.

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