stalin vs. the martians


1. I have been swamped under several -nesses: sleepiness, busy-ness, laziness, rainyness, and thus have neither pictures nor words for about a week now. I’m going to try to make more pictures and words in the future, though.

2. I’ve been taking advantage of my college education by going to intellectual-sounding events over the past week. First, I saw Norman Finkelstein speak yesterday night on the Palestine/Israel crisis. He started out pretty slow, a lot of statistics which most of us in the audience already knew about the Gaza massacre starting at the end of December, 2008, but brought everything together towards the end in a pretty neat way, going through the historical factors, the importance of “deterrence capabilities,” what exactly white phosphorus is, and essentially just going into a lot more depth on why the Gaza massacre happened and how painfully close we are to peace if only the US will stop blocking UN measures to bring it about…


Amy Goodman (of the fantastic independent news show Democracy Now!) spoke tonight about her new book, “Standing Up To The Madness: Extraordinary Heroes in Ordinary Times.” She shared her stories about the importance of the free press, about having true debates on important issues, and about telling the stories of individuals as a means to tell the stories of movements. Democracy Now is a great antidote to the babbling punditry of the mainstream press – if I had time to listen every day I would. These are the people who, against the rest of the media, brought us the story that there weren’t actually any WMDs, which sort of sets the tone of the program, bringing important stories that don’t always make it to major headlines.

3. Political goings-on: this Saturday, there is a protest at the Capitol at 1 p.m. in favor of a new House Bill to get rid of the Texas law of parties (which currently lets juries sentence people who did not actually commit a murder to the death penalty).

On Friday there is a march for immigrant rights, meeting at the Capitol at 6:00 p.m. and beginning to march at 7:00, sponsored by Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition. More info here.

4. Last Wednesday I went with Frankie to a new coffeeshop on MLK, Bennu Coffee, that had seven different kinds of mocha lattes, all named after books. I had the Scarlet Letter, with ancho chili powder, which was delicious. Today’s pictures come to you courtesy of that night.



5. There is a Russian video game called Stalin vs. the Martians, with a preview that is pretty much Stalin dancing to techno music.

6. Every now and then I remember that an entire state actually elected Arnold Schwarzenegger governor and I just laugh and laugh.


One Response to “stalin vs. the martians”

  1. 1 frankie

    i haven’t laughed that hard (stalin v martians) in weeks. thank you.

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