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1. After being all talk and no game, I cooked dinner for my family for the first time being home. I made kedgeree, a Western Asian dish that’s usually spiced rice and smoked haddock, but I used a Nigella recipe that used poached salmon instead. It was pretty delicious. A couple notes: add salt generously […]



1. Had a few sick days, a few lazy days, and have been just generally not doing much worth talking about. I did watch The Shawshank Redemption a couple of days ago, #72 on the AFI Top 100 List (which I am trying to finish this summer), so that I felt strangely productive while sitting […]

1. The Tallest Man On Earth, a fantastic Swedish banjo player and folk singer, is touring with John Vanderslice and will be in Austin June 26th at the Parish. I will be there – it’s only twelve bucks! Anyone else? Tickets are here. 2. My friend Chris Rivera is starring in Hedwig and the Angry […]



1. Made chocolate macarones with Kate and had takeout Chinese food. This will be my life next semester, baking and eating bad takeout. I would post a picture but they were more tasty than good-looking – for next time I need to whip the eggs stiffer and cook them for a little longer. I made […]

barbaric yawp


1. I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable, I sound my barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world: 2. Jaime Martinez is a photographer from Mexico I like a lot after looking through some of his stuff – they are mostly look like either places I would like to be […]

1. Miss my kitchen 2. Read a long article following in great detail the lives of 70 Harvard graduates from the 1930s for the purpose of finding the path to happiness 3. Want somebody to send me a fuzzmail (my email is lindsey.elise AT gmail DOT com) 4. Rejoice in the fact that I have […]



1. We had a sort of ridiculous night and Kate was being a sass-quatch: 2. I am really sad to have missed the Penguathon which is an actual New Zealand sports event for penguins. Seriously. It exists. I promise. 3. This blog of awkward family photos makes me both very happy (I looked through the […]