1. I want just about everything on this website. I am really happy to be living with people who understand that the theme for a house can be cuteshit.

2. Speaking of living… Haven’t heard back from the co-op yet where I am planning to live this summer, and I leave for home in three days with nowhere to put my stuff. Oh yeah, and nowhere to live when I get back. Damn. Anyone have a spare room they are leasing? Or want to sleep with somebody at the co-op so they will approve me?

3. Had a dream that I was in Paris with Marina and my mom and we were driving around for a long time looking for a restaurant because my mom didn’t want to eat somewhere where they spoke English to us just because we weren’t French. I wanted to ask the people where we should go but I couldn’t remember the difference between French and Arabic so when I asked things they were all mixed up in between those languages. We finally ate at a weird Japanese restaurant where we were on the street and there was this wall of windows and we walked along the wall and told the Japanese girls behind the counter what we wanted and it got ejected at the other end like a robotic assembly line. Dream-Paris is always sort of weird and creepy and I can never find what I want there.


lookin sad

lookin' sad


2 Responses to “cuteshit”

  1. 1 Kate

    Let’s just cover a wall with stationary from that site!
    I will sleep with anything that moves. j/k?
    ❤ you!

  2. 2 secretmessages

    i’d be depressed too if my jorts were tearing at the knees.

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