1. Made chocolate macarones with Kate and had takeout Chinese food. This will be my life next semester, baking and eating bad takeout. I would post a picture but they were more tasty than good-looking – for next time I need to whip the eggs stiffer and cook them for a little longer. I made my first ganache and that was delicious (though it seems a little impossible to mess up.) I used the recipe from Nigella Lawson’s Art of Being a Domestic Goddess and had essentially the same experience as this person.

2. My friends are pretty. But why do my photos look different in Photoshop and on Flickr? Does Flickr desaturate them for automatic hip-ness?

foiled by Flickr

foiled by Flickr

3. This camera kills facists.

4. Everyone should download the new Danger Mouse album – that’s what he’s advocating with the blank CD-R release of Dark Night of the Soul.

5. I want these shoes. I’ve been staring at them online for about three days now. It’s a little sad. What can you do when you’re at home with nothing to do?

6. Happy Thursday, everybody.


2 Responses to “ganaching”

  1. 1 frankie

    those shoes are a blight, but the dessert boot/sperrys i want are pimp…
    (second photo:

  2. 2 Kate

    This post is allll about Kate Maddox.

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