feels like summer


1. The Tallest Man On Earth, a fantastic Swedish banjo player and folk singer, is touring with John Vanderslice and will be in Austin June 26th at the Parish. I will be there – it’s only twelve bucks! Anyone else? Tickets are here.

2. My friend Chris Rivera is starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Unhinged Productions and it’s been getting great reviews. This weekend and next are the last dates, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., ten dollar student tickets with ID.

3. Went to Austin last night to see Ted Leo in Chaos in Tejas (he was great and high-energy despite it being a solo set and nobody dancing) and basically just had an awesome night of driving six hours and listening to good music and eating sweet potato fries. Of course I forgot my camera at home. It put me in the mood for a road trip later this summer. I would say Marfa but then I would feel cliched. That’s probably where I would go, though.

4. For Shark Week this summer I propose these, courtesy of Audrey.

5. Levi Van Veluw is a Dutch artist who does creepy and interesting self portraits (which I was surprised to find are not photoshopped.)

6. It feels like summer is starting.


4 Responses to “feels like summer”

  1. 1 frankie

    gorgeous photo, who is that?

  2. 2 Lindsey Smith

    It’s my friend Cecilia. She has fantastic legs.

  3. 3 Kate

    Those cupcakes are from that cupcake book I have. The shark bodies are made from Twinkies!

  1. 1 Ceci G – The Sleep at Pretty Much Amazing!

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