1. Had a few sick days, a few lazy days, and have been just generally not doing much worth talking about. I did watch The Shawshank Redemption a couple of days ago, #72 on the AFI Top 100 List (which I am trying to finish this summer), so that I felt strangely productive while sitting on a couch for two and a half hours…

2. My sleep schedule is all thrown off due to nobody being able to hang out before about eight at night anyway, so I might as well just stay up til six and sleep all day. This has translated into some really weird dreams:

  • I’m at a Britney Spears concert packed in to some really close seats and our seats turn into a roller coaster that pulses and lights up in time to the music, but we don’t have any seat belts and miraculously stay in when the roller coaster turns upside down
  • I’m at a party in a big house and everybody is divided up by income but I go with the really rich people because I want the good food, which turns out to be fairly delicious, but then they split into teams and have this huge battle (I am on the green team, which promptly loses) involving four people dressed all in black who are supposed to be vampires, and one of them tries to bite me on the wrist but I freak out and make her bite me on the back of my hand instead
  • I go to the bank but it’s closed

3. Passive Aggressive Notes is probably my new favorite blog – it’s fairly self-explanatory.

4. Cake Wrecks is coming in second, by virtue of cakes like these little gems.

5. And Sexy People carries on in the vein of Awkward Family Photos, only less specific. I found the best one for you already, though.

6. Photos from wandering around the neighborhood with my dad:

Apologies for the overload – I got excited about actually having something to put up.


One Response to “lazydays”

  1. 1 Livvie

    Can I recommend my blog to you or would that be totally rude? It’s not paying anything out or making fun of anything, but the photos I put up are pretty awesome I think. (They’re usually not mine). And it certainly has a ‘woah’ factor. I love cake wrecks and passive aggressive notes!
    And those photos are pretty awesome too.

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