1. After being all talk and no game, I cooked dinner for my family for the first time being home. I made kedgeree, a Western Asian dish that’s usually spiced rice and smoked haddock, but I used a Nigella recipe that used poached salmon instead. It was pretty delicious. A couple notes: add salt generously – for some reason it is not included in the recipe and the turmeric/cumin/coriander combo wasn’t enough for me; and second, it took about 45 minutes, not 15, to cook.

yum, too bad I apparently dont know how to adjust depth of field

yum, too bad I apparently don't know how to adjust depth of field

2. Also made an orange olive oil cake from The Modern Baker, a cookbook I got for Christmas but hadn’t cooked anything from. Still have 20 minutes in the oven before I find out how that one comes out. I am usually a chocolate girl but my mom is not and I tried to be accommodating, which was made more difficult by the fact that my dad was yelling out instructions for “making whipped cream” he found on the Internet, despite the fact that I have not only “made” whipped cream about six hundred times before, but also that the whipped cream for this cake was already finished and sitting in the refrigerator.

3. Okay, okay, I know everybody already reads Look At This Fucking Hipster, but I had to make sure nobody missed out on seeing this picture, captioned  “I try to dress like a rapper in a Michel Gondry movie.” Perfect.

4. How did I miss that Woody Harrelson punched a photographer but nobody thought it was too out-of-line because he thought the photographer was a zombie?


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