accidental adventures


1. experimented in long exposures at night in Peace Park:

2. Intended to go to Hamilton Pool yesterday but there was a huge line and they close early. Instead we drove a mile down to the Riemers Ranch County Park, which none of us had ever heard of, and where an old leathery park ranger told us instead of following the map, because that’s where all the tourists went, we should just crawl down into a canyon and follow it down to the river. It was hot, late afternoon, and the dry and wild landscape and craggy canyon and river too murky to see the bottom all contributed to make the whole thing feel like the first fifteen minutes of an old horror movie.

3. Paramount Theater is doing a Summer Film Series with over seventy films, including about 15 of the AFI Top 100 (which I am trying to watch this summer). Tickets are $7 in advance, $8 at the door, or $4.50 if you buy the 10-for-$45 pack (done as soon as I get some $$$). PLUS, (I am just like an informercial) if you plan well and go to the double features it’s only one ticket for both movies. This Wednesday starting at 7 is a Charlie Chaplin double feature, Modern Times and City Lights. I will be there.


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