two big hands and a heart pumping blood


1. I’ve listened to Going to Georgia about six times today.

2. Major Major Major (a band without a Myspace? What? Come on, Seth, Adrian, et al) played at the Parlor last night and I attempted to take concert pix, for the first time ever:

check out that 1/10 exposure

check out that 1/10 exposure

3. Okayokayokay, so I bought a $30 record player off Craigslist and I know it seems pretentious but I just listened to In The Aeroplane Over The Sea on vinyl and it ruled. Maybe just for the aesthetic, but whatever. I don’t have a CD player and there’s something about actually buying an album that is much more personal and attention-requiring than torrenting it. I have Veckatimest (which I have not yet listened to, despite the hype) and Around the Well, the new Iron & Wine b-sides collection, on the way from Amazon as I write. (Though I don’t give much credit to the review, on Spin you can download Trapeze Swinger, a gorgeous track I have only heard through live recordings up until now.

4. Free Press Summer Fest looks awesome, for everyone who lives in / can easily get to Houston to see Broken Social Scene and Of Montreal headline for $12.


3 Responses to “two big hands and a heart pumping blood”

  1. You’re in Austin, right? As far as used vinyl goes, I suggest Cheapo Discs, otherwise known as Cheapos. Waterloo is good for newer used stuff. My friend and I run a record label and vinyl-only distribution here in Houston and we have wholesale accounts with a few record labels and other distributors so we get records wholesale. We just got an account with Kill Rock Stars. I’ll send you a list of who we can buy from and we can hook you up with CHEAP vinyl.

    Vinyl records run/ruined my life.

    -Peter Lee

  2. PS glad to see someone else out there using WordPress.

  3. 3 Lindsey Smith

    I went to Cheapo’s and didn’t find anything, actually. I had better luck at Waterloo. I would love the cheap vinyl hookup. Send me a list whenever.

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