1. I have been on a fairly steady diet of AFI movies, the latest of which are:

  • The Maltese Falcon, featuring an incredible Humphrey Bogart and a large variety of hats
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, because I was on a Bogart kick or something
  • 12 Angry Men, one of the few plays-to-films that I thought was actually worth making the transition
  • The Apartment, which I would have enjoyed more had the last 20 minutes not been unwatchably scratched, given that it’s Ricky Gervais’ favorite rom-com

Maybe soon I will move on to color!

2. There is a listening party this Friday, June 19 at 5 pm for the debut album from God Help The Girl, Stuart Murdoch‘s side project, at End of an Ear on South First. The album has new versions of Funny Little Frog and Act of the Apostle, along with a host of new songs, one of which is streaming on the website – basically B&S with more strings, less horn, a different vocalist.

3. I’m going to Houston tomorrow afternoon if anybody wants to keep me company on the drive, or make me three hours of playlist to substitute for your presence.

4. Too lazy to take new pictures, apparently. This is what everything looks like at the Parlor.

5. Some striking photos of the Iranian election and following scandal.

6. Dear Texas, it is not okay to taser an old lady just because she won’t sign the speeding ticket. Sincerely, everybody

(Grits for Breakfast is a great blog to read if you want to get really depressed about criminal justice in Texas – as though I don’t get enough of that at work every day.)


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