your bones are a little machine


1. I’ve been driving between Houston and Austin all the time lately – car wreck, funeral, family vacation. It’s giving me a strange feeling of being temporary. How long does it take to find home again after you leave?

On the bright side, I am getting to know I-10 and 71 pretty well. I am going to make a point of stopping at one of those landmarks, the Brahman cows, the Czech bakery, the PECANS – CHOCOLATE PIE – STRAWBERRIES store, every time I make the drive. Two drives ago, I got out at a “scenic overlook” I’d always wondered about, an hour outside of Austin on 71, where I met two women on a “girls’ trip” to Brenham to see the ice cream factory. I took their picture. They took mine.

I’m glad I stopped. It’s easy to become mindless in a routine but I’m getting better.

2. In case anybody is wondering why we’re in an economic recession, your answer has arrived: debauchery. Oklahoma’s legislature is considering a resolution to that effect, which is worth reading if only for the shock value: Obama’s recognition of Gay Pride Month led directly to the economic crisis that started, hmm, a year ago? It’s very bizarre that we pay people to spend their time on things like this.

3. Meanwhile the Texas legislature considered a law this session to force women to have a sonogram taken and shown to them before having an abortion (it’s okay, though – acccording to an amendment the woman may avert her eyes.) The article is from 2007, the previous session, though a similar bill was brought up in March 2009.

4. Texas Senator Kirk Watson spoke at a lawyers’ lunch I went to last week, talking about Governor Perry vetoing such unconscionable legislation as extending CHIP (children’s healthcare) – we need to save all our money for more toll roads for Perry’s friends. The more I learn about Texas government, the more discouraged I get. I either want to do something to fix it, or get the hell out before we secede. More on Watson’s blog.


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