i know a place


1. Fourth of July is always a strange holiday. What I would like to do, every time: get a red and white checkered blanket and have a picnic on a hill. Somebody should be grilling cheeseburgers. There are fireflies everywhere as the sun goes down, and then we watch the big fireworks show and ooh and aah. What I did: stand on my balcony seeing only smoke through the trees. Watch my sister go swimming. Eat pavlova.

Marina, or a shark

Marina, or a shark

2. Tomorrow I leave for the high seas for a week. I return Sunday, at which time I should have a million pictures of stingrays and sharks and dolphins and sundry creatures of the ocean — not to mention the many friends I will make while playing shuffleboard and drinking things out of coconuts. This cruise promises to be absurd. I hope it is exactly like an Agatha Christie novel, minus the murder.

3. As a (temporary) parting gift, I give you Dean Martin in one of my favorite musical performances, singing Blue Moon. You almost can’t tell how drunk he is.


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