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My old computer is officially dead, but that means I had an excuse to get the new 13-inch MBP and it’s lovely. This means I will soon be able to upload pictures again, which is awesome because these posts look so sad without them. My friend Ceci G released an EP, “The Sleep,” earlier this […]

Spent yesterday evening making an apple pie with Isabella. I’d never made an apple pie before and it felt like a very end-of-summer kind of thing to do. I modified a basic recipe I found online and ended up with this, which was simple and tasty and looked exactly like I wanted it to: 1. […]

food therapy


Layne’s creation of a tumblr reminded me that I hadn’t updated this in months. In that time I have become busy, stressed, unproductive, unfocused, and generally overwhelmed by the number of things to do to the point where I can hardly do anything. However: I have moved into a new and adorable house, and I […]