food therapy


Layne’s creation of a tumblr reminded me that I hadn’t updated this in months. In that time I have become busy, stressed, unproductive, unfocused, and generally overwhelmed by the number of things to do to the point where I can hardly do anything.

general house-vibe

general house-vibe

However: I have moved into a new and adorable house, and I am trying to learn how to cook, for real, an endeavor certainly worth documenting if only so I can remember what worked and what didn’t. Instead of being impressed with myself for “cooking” pasta with tomato sauce from a jar, I want to be able to throw together cohesive meals for myself. I want to have fancy dinner parties. I want to bake tiny cute hors d’oevres.

So far, I have been mildly successful. The recipes I have tried and succeeded in making since moving in, with links and pictures where available:

1. Baked Orange Juice Chicken (from The Joy of Cooking, which everyone should have – it’s indispensible for basic, relatively foolproof recipes) with braised lemon-garlic spinach, one of my favorite easy vegetable sides (which is just minced garlic cooked in olive oil until it’s translucent, then spinach dumped in and tossed constantly til it’s wilted, and squeezed lemon juice, fresh black pepper, and salt on top)

2. Chicken Pot Pie, which I liked a lot as it is – the gravy is delicious – but would have been even better with cubed potatoes, many more vegetables and a lot less chicken. The “pi” was Dylan’s touch, of course.

3. Tuxedo Brownie Cups, a Pampered Chef recipe that I’ve made many times and always with great response – basically brownies from a mix (I always use Ghiradelli Double Chocolate) with a white chocolate cream cheese filling and strawberries to garnish – tedious but not difficult. I made these for our housewarming cocktail party. Use mini-muffin liners or else these are nearly impossible to get out of the pan intact

4. Lemon-Almond Tuiles from The Modern Baker, another tiny dessert from the cocktail party

5. To end on a classy note, because I know I’ve made more than this but I can’t think of anything: tiny pizzas, a staple of my and Layne’s diets, consisting of basically heated-up pizza lunchables 🙂

Hopefully there will be more and better things to come.


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